Lightning and rain

In the lighting I could see the flashing of my life. A movie reel missing the most important things. Who wants to watch the sadness? Who needs to be reminded of the failures of life? It’s not usually a good idea to dwell on negative situations. There is nothing to gain. But then again what else is there to lose. It’s not like you have any more to lose. I’m not going to sugar coat life and I certainly won’t allow you to make excuses for yourself. The destruction is solely on you and you alone.
It was all just a thunderstorm until you added the rain into the mix.. Now we are at a distance in life where just one mistake can turn a tropical storm into a category 4 hurricane. We are far from the calm sea’s that had once anchored our life together. We are far from each other. Only faith that’s left is the knowledge that God paired us together. I still believe that. Don’t you? We have a love that defies logic. I’m not giving up.


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