No mas pantalones

Question… Who out there thinks that agreeing to something and doing the opposite is ok to do? You can say over and over to me, and I will believe you.

That “S” stands for hope. HOPE YOU IDIOT. I am trying to be your Wonder Woman and every time I start believing in my life and your words again, you stop talking. You’re stealing away all my hopes. Slowly, one by one. There isn’t much left.. You should count this as a warning. I’m not sure if I can get my life better than before.. or even the same. I would die of heart break. I told you from the start. Don’t make love you. Cause I’m invested till death. I can’t do it half way. And I’m done doing it alone


I see you.. I see you for real. Everytime those x-ray eyes burn into my soul. Don’t you Love me? I am Wonder Woman, your super-hero. Don’t hide from us. Wreck that phone booth baby. I got you.. I always will. But when hope runs out, I’m not going to live in misery. 


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