A friend is a friend indeed

Well, how do you know when to call a friend a friend indeed? So much has happened in my life and even trusting someone in a friendship situation is hard to do. Hell, there are times when I can’t seem to trust my judgement. Not because of my actions, but because people are showing off their fake..
So how do you know? Well, I’ve come up with a few things that might be helpful..

1. They are grateful for you.. not what you can do for them.
2. The time spent is more valuable to you than the Jordans on your feet.
3. You’re not the only one laughing….
4. They help you when nobody else will, even though they don’t have the means.
5. They don’t hold on to the past… It’s a fresh start every  day.. (A bestie will never go to sleep angry)
6. They get on their knees next to you to pray, regardless of what they believe.

Well, I’m not sure of anything else. I know I want all my friends to see that they can count on me. No matter what stage in my sobering addiction I am in.

Until that happens though, I’m going to be one lonely person in a crowded room..


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