Veteran status

There’s a profound sense of accomplishment when you can say .. “I’m a vet”. What can you do with that though, besides a free meal on Veterans Day? I fought for the freedom of our country. I lost my friends, my battle buddies, my everyday heroes. And for what? To be afraid to sleep, not knowing what I will dream of next? To not be able to distinguish between friendly and enemy? To be afraid of the dark?

Yes, it’s true, I walk around some pretty questionable neighborhoods at 3am. It may look like I’m comfortable, but I am only wishing something to come around the corner so I can defend myself. You know, make sure I can still protect myself. Do I have a death wish? Oh, maybe. I’m going to die eventually, right? But I still have the skills to defend myself, so come on and try it. It’s going to be the only chance you have.

Anyway. Back on topic. We are getting ready to celebrate this country’s Independence. How about instead of celebration, we take note of the past, and continue to fight for the right to be free. Cause we are not free. We are all slaves to the government. Think about it. We can’t do a lot of things we want to. It’s illegal to smoke pot, the one herb that’s medicinal. It can save yourself from anxiety.. calm seizures. But nope.. you can’t have it. How many veteran soldiers are still fighting the same situation that you left years ago? Been 12 years for me and I’m still not back.

So you wonder why I’m a drug addict?

I don’t….


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