Down hill giving​ up

There is a few things they don’t tell you when planning your adult life.

1: It’s easier to stay with parents when there is an extra bedroom and a little bit of woe is my life. ( Love you)

2: Friend is a word unused after leaving high school. In place of said word,  you should describe individual as “that one chick”. Or ” the one guy”.
3 People suck

4: you need a car or a hired chauffeur to get anywhere in a timely manner.

5. Love is evil . .   Yet without it , surviving is a choice rather than necessity

6: your best is never good enough, so just stop.

7. Heart ache is the new standard… Don’t let it happen to you.

8. If you want it bad enough, it will be there.. just out of reach, taunting you.

9. There​ is no such thing as a Justice System… Something is a little off..

10. Common sense is not that common.

So, when you’re out there adulting… Don’t forget to adult. Common sense is not that hard.. get it, or go away… There’s no reason to be within eyesight of those of us who believe in a better life.. my life may be looked down upon and labeled as another statistic, but I’m not a statistic. I just an addict who wants to not be.


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